Two Year Frame Warranty
Seatrail warrants that each trailer and its fabricated steel components, including the ball coupling to be free of structural or welding defects for a period of two years from the date of original purchase. Tyres and tubes are excluded.
3-Month Warranty
Seatrail Warrants that the trailer LED lighting, rollers and skids, u bolts, nuts, bolts, mechanical braking equipment, axles, wheel bearings, seals, bearing buddies, tyres, jockey wheels and winches are fit for their intended purposes.
Seatrail will repair or replace an items covered by the above warranties provided that the trailer is returned to the authorised distributor or a Seatrail dealer within a reasonable time after the defect is discovered and in any event no later than 2 weeks from that date.

1. The warranty does not cover the appearance or natural oxidation process of the galvanized surface of any part of the trailer.
2. The warranty does not cover rust on any painted surfaces of the trailer or any of its components e.g. axles, springs, couplings and jockey wheels.
3. Bow rollers, keel rollers. skids, winch straps, brake cables and rubber wheels are excluded.
4. The warranty does not extend to any trailer which is found to have been used for commercial purposes, or found to have been overloaded, altered, modified and where it has malfunctioned due to prior damage or failure to provide routine and necessary maintenance.
5. Seatrail must authorise all warranty work prior to it being undertaken and failure to obtain this authorisation from the authorised Importer or a dealer may result in Seatrail negating the warranty.
6. Seatrail is not liable for the transportation costs and charges, or for any direct, special, incidental, consequential ( including loss of profit) whether based contractually or in tort or arising from a breach of any warranty or otherwise provided that Seatrail acknowledges that this warranty does not exclude or limit the application of any Statute ( including the Trade Practices Act) where to do so would contravene that Statute or cause any part of this warranty to be void.
7. Seatrail's total liability is limited at its option, to repairing or replacing of a trailer with a similar trailer.
8. The Seatrail warranties extend to the original purchaser only and do not extend to a person to whom the trailer is transferred.


Seacraft boat hulls are warranted to the original purchaser for recreational use to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 1 years ( 12 months) from the date of purchase. The warranties are not transferable or capable of assignment by the original purchaser to a third party. Our liability is limited to making good any defects, at our discretion or repairing or replacing the boat.

1. The boat must, at all times have been used and maintained in the accordance with the boats specification plate and not have been improperly used or overloaded
2. The boat must not have been modified, altered or operated outside the original design specifications or with an outboard motor in excess of the boats specification plate
3. The boat has not been damaged by accident, misuse, nor damage caused by trailers or used for competitive or commercial purposes.
4. The normal and natural effect of oxidization and degradation is excluded.
5. Seacraft is not be liable for consequential loss or damage of any kind arising out of the supply, operation or use of the boat.
6. Seacraft does not cover any consequential expenses beyond the warranty repair of the boat itself, e.g. transportation costs
8. Seacraft does not warrant boats, which have been improperly trailered or transported, e.g. wobble rollers, off road use etc.
9. This warranty is not intended to affect the owner's rights under the law of any State or the Trade Practices Act or Sale of Goods Act.
10. All warranties and conditions implied under the Trade Practices Act, including as to one of merchantable quality, are not excluded by this warranty except that Seacraft limits its liability for breach of any warranty provision to the replacement of the boat or the repair of the boat.


1 years ( 12 months) for outboard motors purchased as new and unused from an authorised Seaking dealer and then for PRIVATE and RECREATIONAL USE ONLY.
For commercial use, the warranty is limited to 3 months


The warranty does not apply to the following:
1. Damage caused by neglect, lack of maintenance, improper installation, improper or inadequate service by unqualified technician, errors, accidents, and replacement of parts due to normal wear and tear.
2. Routine maintenance of parts and services including but not limited to: minor adjustments and tune ups, including checking, cleaning, replacing or adjusting spark plugs, ignition components, carburetors settings, filters, belts, controls and checking lubrication made in connection with normal routine services, engine and lower unit oil changes, valve and linkage adjustments, replacement of fuses, anodes, thermostats, timing belts and propellers.
3. Haul out, launch, towing charges, removal and/or replacement of boat parts or materials because of boat design for access to the outboard motor, all related transportation charges and /or travel time. Reasonable access must be provided to the outboard motor for warranty service. Customer must deliver the outboard motor to an austhorised dealer.
4. Damage caused by failure to follow the procedures and recommendations as contained in the Owners Manual.
5. Damage resulting from the removal or parts, or modification of parts on the outboard motor, or use of parts or accessories not manufactured or approved by Seaking which in its reasonable judgment are either incompatible with the product or adversely affect its operation, performance or durability.
6. Damage caused by abuse, misuse, abnormal use and racing or other competitive activity.
7. Damage caused by rust or salt-water corrosion, or water entering the engine through the fuel intake, air intake or exhaust system or submersion, fire, theft or vandalism.
8. Damage caused by failure of any parts caused by lack of cooling water, which results from starting outboard motor out of water, foreign material blocking inlet holes, motor being mounted too high or trimmed too far out.
9. Damage caused by the use of an unsuitable pitch propeller or a propeller that does not allow the engine to run in its normal operating RPM range.
10. Damage caused by cosmetic or paint changes due to exposure to the elements.
11. Damage caused by improper storage and or transportation.
12. Damage caused by growth of marine organisms on motor or motor surfaces.
13. Damage caused by use of lubricants, oil and fuel/oil mixtures that are not suitable for outboard motor use.

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